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Omnibus Podcast Ep. 006: The Non-denominational Holiday Episode

January 4, 2009

In what might possibly be our best 6th episode yet, the gang helps you celebrate your holiday of choice by telling you what to think! Listen while Luke ineloquently lambastes Heroes and Cloverfield, while Adam shakes his head (one assumes) in disgust. Business as usual for the gang; Luke’s playing a JPRG (Persona 4, buy it now!), Adam’s reading comics and watching Coupling, while Denny prays at the altar of Tina Fey. Also: trailer time! Movie reviews are so lame; you’d rather here reviews of trailers, right? Right.

Our main feature this episode was something that we had to do, lest the FBI swoop down from a helicopter, kick through our windows and steal our podcasting license. That’s right, it’s the Omnibus Podcast Best of 2008…ish! Listen as we try to remember what actually came out this past year with little to no fact checking or preparation!

This is the first time we’ve made the show without being in the same room, so do ignore the lag, pauses, and other awkward quirks that may or may not plague this episode. Suspend your disbelief!

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Direct link: Omnibus006.mp3


Omnibus Podcast Ep. 003: That was a joke

June 15, 2008

In this unprecedented third episode, our heroes inflict topic whiplash on you, the viewer listener! We talk about Burn Notice (and Bruce Campbell’s chin), then discuss a bit about Japanese high school children committing faux suicide in Persona 3: FES, then swing into whatever crap Denny’s been doing.

Find PREVIEWS a bit daunting? We help you out by ignoring almost everything and focusing on what has the coolest covers! Wait, that’s not right!

Finally, we discuss The Incredible Hulk. Hold on, is it 2003 again? Seems not, but the Hulk is back with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler, and man, he sure does smash things. Spoiler: We enjoyed it.

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Direct Link: Omnibus003.mp3

Omnibus Podcast Ep. 002: Podcasts as Art

March 4, 2008

In this historic second episode, the guys discuss last week’s comic releases, including Kick-ass, Criminal #1 redux, and Rasl. Spoiler: they kicked ass. Also, Luke shows some DS love by trying to get you to buy Professor Layton and Apollo Justice. The first twenty minutes sounds a little rough, ’cause we had to piece it together from rescued temp file. But hang in there!

For the main course, the guys discuss comics and games as an art form. Are games art? Spoiler: yes.

Stay for the end, folks! To finish up the cast, Adam and Luke gang up on Denny, since he liked the Indiana Jones trailer and his opinion is wrong.

Episode 2 is in the bag, and it almost doesn’t suck. Could 3 be far behind?

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Kick-Ass MySpace page
Flash demo of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Newsweek blog on games as art
GFW Radio Podcast

Direct Link: Omnibus002.mp3

Omnibus Podcast Ep. 001: It’s fun to agree

February 13, 2008

In this historic first episode of the Omnibus Podcast, Luke, Denny, and Adam talk about games, comics, TV and more. Find out clues as to what hat Denny is wearing while having our email address drilled into your memory. Then, you’ll find yourself at the edge of your seat as we talk about our favorite video games of 2007, the WGA strike, and the future of scripted television.

Enjoy the awkward, disorganized mess that is our debut podcast. Hey, at least the audio levels are bad!

Direct Download: Omnibus001.mp3