Omnibus Podcast Ep. 006: The Non-denominational Holiday Episode

In what might possibly be our best 6th episode yet, the gang helps you celebrate your holiday of choice by telling you what to think! Listen while Luke ineloquently lambastes Heroes and Cloverfield, while Adam shakes his head (one assumes) in disgust. Business as usual for the gang; Luke’s playing a JPRG (Persona 4, buy it now!), Adam’s reading comics and watching Coupling, while Denny prays at the altar of Tina Fey. Also: trailer time! Movie reviews are so lame; you’d rather here reviews of trailers, right? Right.

Our main feature this episode was something that we had to do, lest the FBI swoop down from a helicopter, kick through our windows and steal our podcasting license. That’s right, it’s the Omnibus Podcast Best of 2008…ish! Listen as we try to remember what actually came out this past year with little to no fact checking or preparation!

This is the first time we’ve made the show without being in the same room, so do ignore the lag, pauses, and other awkward quirks that may or may not plague this episode. Suspend your disbelief!

Remember: If you have a question, comment, concern, or offer for Viagra at greatly reduced prices, send ‘em to omnibuspodcast AT . For even more insanity, follow us on Twitter.

Direct link: Omnibus006.mp3


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