Omnibus Podcast Ep. 005: The New Hotness

The fabled Episode 005! Legends of its existence have been passed down by tribes of the indigenous for months! Finally, thanks probably to science, it’s available for everyone to listen to it!

This. Show. Is. HUGE! After rolling for initiative, get ready to hear about what the gang’s been doing, including some talk about The Dark Knight, Hellboy II, and Generation Kill. Likely not in that order! And final Fantasy IV? It’s not the same game you’ve been playing for years! Mostly! And what’s the best kind of assassin? the disposable kind!

The meat and potatoes of this show? Coverage of this year’s E3 and San Diego Comic-con! Just because we weren’t there doesn’t mean we aren’t totally qualified to talk about it! And peppered throughout: our almost-famous spontaneous top 5 lists! Come for the spontaneity, stay for the awkward pauses.
Remember: If you have a question, comment, concern, or offer for Viagra at greatly reduced prices, send ’em to omnibuspodcast AT . For even more insanity, follow us on the new hot shit, Twitter

Direct Link: Omnibus005.mp3



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