Omnibus Podcast Ep. 002: Podcasts as Art

In this historic second episode, the guys discuss last week’s comic releases, including Kick-ass, Criminal #1 redux, and Rasl. Spoiler: they kicked ass. Also, Luke shows some DS love by trying to get you to buy Professor Layton and Apollo Justice. The first twenty minutes sounds a little rough, ’cause we had to piece it together from rescued temp file. But hang in there!

For the main course, the guys discuss comics and games as an art form. Are games art? Spoiler: yes.

Stay for the end, folks! To finish up the cast, Adam and Luke gang up on Denny, since he liked the Indiana Jones trailer and his opinion is wrong.

Episode 2 is in the bag, and it almost doesn’t suck. Could 3 be far behind?

Remember: If you have a question, comment, concern, or offer for Viagra at greatly reduced prices, send ’em to omnibuspodcast AT

Kick-Ass MySpace page
Flash demo of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney
Newsweek blog on games as art
GFW Radio Podcast

Direct Link: Omnibus002.mp3


One Response to “Omnibus Podcast Ep. 002: Podcasts as Art”

  1. Podcasting Directory Says:

    I wholeheartedly 100% agree. I could not have said it any better

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